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About Us


Albert L. Cohen, Esq. started our firm in 1951 opening his office in Newark where he practiced law as an attorney in NJ. Mr. Cohen held a Master's Degree in Taxation as well as his Law Degree from Rutger's Law School. With an expertise in matters of Workers Compensation as well as business and tax matters, he successfully represented many workers who were injured on the job or in construction site accidents. He obtained financial compensation for their permanent disability and helped secure Social Security Disability Benefits as well. Mr. Cohen also prepared Wills and handled real estate closings in and around Essex County. In 1960, the practice was relocated to Montclair, NJ, the community where he grew up and was quite well known. The firm served the legal needs of the community and its surrounds from this location for over 30 years.

His son, David M. Cohen, Esq. joined the firm as an associate in 1981 and added an emphasis as a personal injury litigation attorney. With a Law degree from Southwestern University he has litigated many types of cases including motor vehicle accidents, pedestrians struck by automobiles and "slip and fall" cases caused by broken sidewalks or ice and snow accumulation. Attorney David Cohen represented clients who made significant monetary recovery for pain and suffering -- in excess of $1,000,000. Several cases have been tried or settled in ways that resulted in payments structured over a period of years or even for the rest of the injured victim's life.

In 1990, our practice was moved to the neighboring community of Verona and has since become a household name in the suburban Essex area. The firm continued to expand and in 1991 became known as Cohen & Cohen, PA. We continue to handle Worker's Compensation and business related matters but also litigate complex personal injury and product liability cases. Many satisfied clients have received monies from lawsuits brought against hospitals and doctors for medical malpractice as well as suits against lawyers for professional negligence. Attorney David Cohen has sued manufacturers of defective equipment, for example injection molding machines, forklift trucks and "cherry pickers", for improper design or non-interlocked stabilizer bars which have caused catastrophic injuries to their users. In fact, he recently made a significant recovery for a client against a medical device manufacturer when a defective knee implant failed and needed to be replaced. Attorney Albert L. Cohen passed away in 1997 but the firm, now known as David M. Cohen, LLC, continues to uphold his ideals of quality and care. We maintain a personal touch with the utmost in professionalism. If you have questions or concerns about a legal matter, feel free to contact us.