Municipal Court appearances​

  • Motor vehicle summons and DUI tickets - It seems inevitable that most drivers get a ticket eventually.  Parking tickets can be a nuisance, but moving violations can cost you money.  In addition to the fines and court cost there are surcharges imposed by the insurance companies.  These matters should not be taken lightly.  You must be properly prepared to meet and defeat the charges against you. Mr. Cohen has many years experience as a municipal public defender.  He has handled hundreds of cases of speeding, disregarding stop signs, careless and reckless driving as well as unsafe operation of motor vehicles.  He always obtains the discovery including the police report, and where available the driving under the influence (DUI) Drinking/Driving incident report and he personally views the videotape with his client.  These cases are serious as they involve the potential loss of license for a year or longer. 
  • Assault and Battery - Tempers can erupt from time to time, even among friends and family.  When that happens and the police are involved charges may result.  It is better to keep the matter in the local court where the penalties are less than if the case goes to the Grand Jury on the county level.  By getting involved early Mr. Cohen can intervene by talking to the local authorities and seeing to it that cool heads prevail.  Often times he has gotten the charges reduce to Disorderly or petty disorderly offenses, or even dismissed entirely.

David M. Cohen, LLC



For most people the largest investment that they will ever make is the purchase of a home. It is for that reason that they should consult with an attorney for advice.

  • Residential sales/purchases and Refinances - We can help you by explaining the Contract, adding terms that can protect you such as a mortgage contingency clause, termite and home inspections, as well as radon and lead paint clauses. Title searches and surveys will be ordered and reviewed to disclose any problems with the title to the property. We will attend the closing with you and explain all of the bank charges and recording fees.
  • Short sales of residential property - In these difficult financial times we are handling more and more transactions where the seller is unable to get the price that he needs to pay his lender in full. In these situations creative financing arrangements are needed including arranging for a lower payment amount or a separate note that is to be signed by the seller. We can help negotiate such deals with cooperative lenders.
  • Commercial buildings - Multiple family units and office buildings require special attention to state and local code compliance. Sometimes we have to apply to the local zoning board for a variance for a particular use. Often times businesses are bought and sold with an option to buy the building at a later date. We can help design an acceptable agreement.​

divorce & family law

When people get married they do so with the hope that it will last forever, but the reality is that over 50% of marriages end up in Divorce. With divorce rates being so high these days, a competent attorney must be familiar with family law issues such as separation, custody, support and visitation. Many couples, first timers as well as those already having been divorced, are now entering into Prenuptial Agreements, which can settle issues before they even come up. We have experience in negotiating and preparing such documents.

  • Divorce and Annulment - There are several grounds, or reasons, for which a Court may grant a divorce. At our first meeting with a new family law client we explain the available grounds and see which one(s) best fit the particular situation. The most common ground, No-Fault divorce, requires that the spouses live "separate and apart" for 18 months. Other grounds have shorter periods of separation but more strict requirements of proof. Also considered, where appropriate, is the less frequently used Annulment of the marriage.  
  • Spousal Support (Alimony) - In many marriages today, out of necessity, both parties work out of the household. However, where one spouse gives up a career to take care of the family or earns substantially less than the other, he or she can receive Alimony permanently or for a limited duration, to maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. There are no firm rules that apply when it will be awarded, but usually the longer the marriage the more likely alimony will be granted.
  • Custody, Visitation & Support - When there are children involved they must be handled in special and sensitive ways making sure that their needs are met. In situations where the parents cannot agree on basic issues the Court will conduct a Best Interest investigation to decide with which parent the child/children should live and how visitation should be handled. It is usually best for the parties to come to an agreement between themselves, with the help of experienced attorneys. We have handle a number of Custody dispute cases and successfully worked out agreements with and without the court's assistance.
  • Domestic Violence Act - In extremely volatile family situations, when the health and well-being of family members are at stake, the police should be summoned immediately. Usually that will result in the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). Such cases will be brought to the attention of a Superior Court Judge, usually within 10 days, who will decide if a Permanent Restraint (FRO) is necessary to protect either party. Often times, this is the first step in the process of separating and getting divorced.

At David M. Cohen, LLC we have many years of experience in handling Divorce and Family Law matters. Our goal is to quickly identify the issues, attempt to reach a resolution as soon as possible, reduce the agreement to writing in a Property Settlement Agreement and obtain the legal divorce with a minimal amount of time, expense and anxiety.​