​Workers Compensation   

​When a worker is injured within the course and scope of his employment he is covered by the laws of Workers Compensation. We make sure that you receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to get. Whether it is  medical treatment, temporary or permanent disability, we aggressively fight for your rights.

  • Occupational exposure - If you were exposed at work to toxic chemicals, loud noises or constant repetitive motion, you may be entitled to make a recovery.
  • Orthopedic trauma -  Heavy lifting, falling or operating power tools can result in injuries to the back, leg, hand or foot. All of these type of injuries can be debilitating resulting in full or partial disability.
  • Neurological injuries - Damage to nerves in the spine and concussions can result from back or head injuries. Headaches and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) are among the most serious conditions that a worker can suffer, and the most difficult ones to recover from physically.
  • Psychiatric claims - Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a very common component of a work related injury. A hostile work environment or extraordinary stress can cause heart attacks or other physical symptoms.
  • Social Security disability - In cases where the injury is severe, one may not be able to return to work. In this situation we assist in the application process and representation before the Social Security Administration and at hearings in front of Administrative Law Judges.​

Personal Injury

•Motor vehicle accidents (cars, motorcycles, pedestrian knockdown) - Recent changes in the insurance laws may limit your right to bring a claim for "pain and suffering" in accidents caused by automobiles. We can help review your Automobile Liability insurance policy and explain which coverage you have and how to avoid limitations on your right to recover for your damages in the event of an auto collision. Often a few minor changes in the Coverage Selection can make all the difference between being fairly compensated and not being able to make a recovery.

•Lead paint poison - Landlords and property owners are required to remove old chipping lead based paint on surfaces that are accessible to children under the age of 5 years. Lead poison in children is the most preventable yet leading cause of brain damage and neurological deficit in children. Homes and apartment units that were built prior to 1978 have lead based paint which can chip and peel. Young children put the chips into their mouths, ingest them and the lead can be absorbed into the vital organs of their small bodies. We have great experience in making recovery on behalf of children injured because of poorly maintained apartment houses.

•Slip & fall (ice, sidewalks) - We have had great success in handling these types of cases so that our clients have obtained compensation for their injuries. Even when people are careful and are looking where they are going they can slip, trip and fall resulting in serious bodily injury. When that happens, it often takes an experienced lawyer with a team of experts (engineers, architects, and safety experts) to evaluate and determine the cause of the fall and locate the liable party.

•Premises liability - Sometimes a building, or some part of it, like the steps are in such poor shape, or an ungated pool is an "attractive nuisance", which are the proximate cause of the injury. In these cases, we look to make a claim against the owner or builder who knew or should have known about the condition and eliminated the hazard.

​•Dog bites - The law protects innocent victims of unprovoked dog bites. Permanent injury can easily be caused by the bite of a vicious dog or other violent animal. We have experience in handling many claims for mail handlers and young children.

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